Why Shoot in Shutter Priority or Time Value Mode?

I struggle with shutter priority ….

Photofocus (old site)

Your camera offers a lot of settings to make shooting easier.  While I’m personally a fan of Aperture priority mode (where you set the depth of field and let the camera do the most of the rest) I also find Shutter Priority (or Time Value) Mode quite useful. In this shooting mode, you tell the camera how long to leave the shutter open.  It will then determine the Aperture and ISO sensitivity. This is all part of shooting with the exposure triangle if you need a refresher.

Here’s a simple example with a spinning industrial fan.  This photo is being used for technical illustration purposes (not artistic).

compareThe image on the left has the longest shutter speed, nearly half a second.  The image on the right has the shortest shutter speed of 1/3200 of a second.  Comparing this is 0.4 seconds versus 0.00003125 seconds, which is a HUGE time difference. The first…

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