Social Bookmarking

My daughter got me interested in Pinterest a long time ago, but after the initial “OK, this could be interesting” I kind of lost interest in it.  A few weeks ago, I started back again, and in all honesty, I just couldn’t get into it – and it seems that many of the people that I followed, or people that were following me, haven’t been too active on there lately either. 

I found myself looking for something – anything – that caught my interest among pins that some of my friends had shared and even searched for subjects that were of interest to me.  Scrolling, scrolling, back to the top, new search …. *sigh*  …. I remember why I stopped using it.  I don’t care much for the new fashions for spring, I’m not a big fan of all the animal pictures with the witty captions, and I really started to feel it was just wasting my time.

I think that with the popularity of Facebook, a lot of these other social bookmarking sites are falling to the wayside. I could see where it might be useful or informative in some instances, but unless an audience is there, who are you informing?  I was of the mindset that libraries could benefit from Pinterest, but in all honesty, I think they too would just be spinning their wheels here. Pictures of libraries abound here, and there are a handful of pins from some libraries, but all in all, I didn’t see anything informative – just some nice architecture.

Will I continue to use Pinterest?  I don’t know.  I’ll probably do as I have been and check in from time to time, but as far as on a regular basis, probably not. Facebook provides me with more things that interest me, and is a better platform for me – and others – to share things with others.  From a library standpoint, I think they would reach a broader audience using Facebook as well.


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