Sharing creativity captured with a lens

Learning more about creative commons – and utilizing creative commons – has been an interesting exercise. I started off visiting to get a better understanding of how it ‘works’.  With the amount of material available online now, whether it be in a blog such as this, something posted in a social sharing site, even photos that are are shared online, determining what is public domain, what is copyrighted, what is creative commons – it can be mind boggling!   As a fan of “freeware” back in the day, I am glad to see that some people also share for free – as long as they are acknowledged.

I chose the photo and the video found here for a couple of reasons:  my love of photography, wolves, and snow.  The video is from a place that I have visited on several occasions – Wolf Park.  While I have taken a photo seminar there and gotten up close and personal with the wolves on a couple of occasions, only Monty gets this kind of reaction ….  I’ll let you watch Tom O’Dowd’s video to see for yourself ….

This gorgeous Mexican Grey Wolf peeking over the snow was captured with the lens of Mark Dumont.

Mexican Grey Wolf

Mexican Grey Wolf

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I and the submitters of these images have enjoyed sharing them.


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