Going into OverDrive

One of the newer technologies that the Switzerland County Public Library has implemented is OverDrive.   OverDrive is a full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music and video, and is made available through e Indiana, a digital consortium.

By joining this consortium, SCPL can now meet the needs of users who want material in digital format.   Not only do long time library users who acquired a Kindle or other reader enjoy this new technology, but it has also brought in new users as well.

While it has improved the library’s services, it has also increased their budget.  There is a fee to join the consortium and there is also a minimum number of eBooks or digital items they have to purchase each year, priced at about $85 each.  The upside for the user is that not only do they have access to the material that SCPL purchases, but to the material that other members of the consortium have purchased as well.

Users who utilize OverDrive are happy with the new technology available to them, and SCPL is happy to be able to provide it to them.  SCPL hopes that in the future, more digital material can be provided at a lesser cost to the library.


One thought on “Going into OverDrive

  1. We also have Overdrive at the Evansville Libraries. I have not taken advantage of this service, but I hope to soon. Borrowers do not realize the costs behind all of those “free” services. Viva libraries!!

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